Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jogger baffled by pedestrians

A runner preparing for the London Marathon has expressed his irritation at his regular route being cluttered by pedestrians.

London's jogger plague will ease after the marathon
Tom Logan, whose training route takes him the half-mile from his City office to his flat in Shoreditch, regularly finds his way obstructed by slow-moving, unhealthy people. “It’s ridiculous, he said. “It’s 5pm on a Wednesday. Where are all these people going?”

But Emma Bradford, a legal secretary from Wimbledon, complained, “I’ve been at work since 7.30 and just want to get home in peace, and suddenly this prick comes lumbering towards me like he’s some kind of elite athlete expecting the crowds to get out of the way of his £300 trainers and ‘I ran the world’ tee-shirt. It’s pathetic.”

Logan, who plans to participate in the marathon by watching the closing stages on television after spending the morning at Homebase, said, “I'm an elite athlete. These trainers cost £300. I ran the world. You’d think these plebs would show some respect.”

With apologies to the Daily Mash